Animal Nutrition

Cargill produces and markets animal nutrition products and provides consulting services to customers across the poultry, swine, fish, shrimp and pet value chains.

In Malaysia

Cargill started its feed operations in Malaysia in 1986. Today, we operate four feed mills located in Melaka, Butterworth, Westport and Kota Kinabalu.

Cargill leverages its global expertise, proprietary information and ingenuity to provide our customers with technically superior nutrition products and world-class farm management solutions to improve the profitability of our customers. Cargill also provides consulting services in feed manufacturing, farm management, ingredient procurement, quality control and feed formulation to feed companies, livestock integrators and farmers.

Cargill's strength is in its ability to create customized animal nutrition products and blends with management programs to suit the specific needs of our diverse customers. This is achieved through continuous technology transfer from the company headquarters in Minneapolis, U.S.A. and experiences learned from other Cargill businesses around the globe.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

Cargill is committed to providing safe food and animal feed products and services. We conduct product development, procurement, supply chain, transportation, storage, production, manufacturing and distribution systems, and supplier management process in ways that ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of our products.

All Cargill feed mills are HACCP certified. We are also the first feed miller in Malaysia to obtain the Fish Quality Certificate issued by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. This is an endorsement of our commitment to food safety.