Responsible Palm Oil Supply Chain

Cargill is committed to working towards sustainable palm oil production. We fully support the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) process and its efforts to promote sustainable palm oil throughout the supply chain. In July 2011, Cargill announced that the palm oil products it supplies to customers in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Malaysia plantationZealand will be RSPO-certified and/or originated from smallholder growers by 2015 (this excludes palm kernel oil products). This commitment will be extended across all Cargill’s oil and trading businesses to cover 100 percent of its palm oil products and all customers worldwide – including China and India – by 2020.

We operate three refineries in Malaysia.  The Port Klang and Kuantan refineries are compliant with RSPO Supply Chain Certification requirements for the supply of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil for segregated and mass balance supply chain. We are also taking a leadership role to promote sustainable palm oil production among palm oil growers in Malaysia.

In December 2010, Cargill organized an RSPO Familiarization Workshop for our crude palm oil suppliers in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The event was supported by the Control Union Certification. About 20 participants from major producing companies attended the workshop. We shared our perspective on sustainable palm oil, RSPO background, RSPO Principles and Criteria and the membership andRSPO Familiarization Workshop certification process.  The event raised awareness of sustainable practices among the participants and added one additional RSPO member to our palm oil supply chain in Malaysia.  

In partnership with Fauna and Flora International (FFI) and Wild Asia, we are also working to help our independent smallholders in our palm oil supply chain to adopt sustainable production practices.